On the 18th of February 1992, a baby girl decided to rush her way into the world before her due date. As she grew, so did her imagination and with that came her dozens of imaginary friends. They saw her through many moments in her life.

Today, Yajna Ramnath is an author of various genres from contemporary romance, urban fantasy to erotic thrillers where she brings those very same imaginary friends to life. She bases her characters on different parts of her; the lover, the dreamer, the villain, the joker, the heartbroken, the insecure girl, the killer and the mentally insane. Her stories and characters walk the fine line between real life and fictional tales. Her typical day out is staying in with a book and getting lost in the power of words.

She believes in two important things and that is to always ROCK YOUR OWN STYLE AND DANCE TO YOUR OWN BEAT.

“I am a lover of the unknown, the incredibly sexy and the slightly twisted.”

Now that the rehearsed and socially acceptable tale is told, here’s the parts you probably should know!

  1. Despite readings thousands (no lie) of books I can legit pick my top three favorite books/series of all times.
  2. I am really picky when it comes to TV series. If the first episode doesn’t grip me… well I give up completely. Very seldom do I give a series a chance.
  3. I love dark reads. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine.
  4. Vampires are my favorite supernatural species. Although I wasn’t Team Edward.
  5. I can easily switch off in a public setting. I can make people believe that I am invested in their conversation even though I’m miles away.
  6. I always value the relationships in my life, however if people choose to disregard it, I let them go with no reservations or care.
  7. I talk a lot of crap and have a pretty dirty mind. Usual comments made to me feature, “Oh my God, Yajna!” “Yajna, that’s disgusting.” or my personal favorite… “Only you, Yaj.”
  8. I like talking… a lot.

phographed by AshR Photgraphy