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For Nina being rich wasn’t a chore… it was epic. She never had to worry about mundane things like making a living, going to school and taking a taxi. But that’s about to change. After a car crash that almost has her killing innocent people, Nina’s parents decide to send her to – gasp! – College. She hates it and cannot stand the idea of having to walk among people that despise her. Adam Keller grew up with the phrase ‘earn your pleasures’ so when spoilt brat Nina Jordan walks into his life, he cannot stand her and the aloof personality she brings with her. However attraction is a shitty thing. Nina and Adam are soon forced into a situation that has both of them questioning their beliefs suddenly the idea of falling in love and dealing with conflicting personalities isn’t the big issue – it’s something far darker. Will Adam find himself Accepting Nina?


“It’s been a month since that dumbass accident occurred,” I say to my parents who are sitting with their elegant selves poised and ready to give me some lecture or another.

“You say occurred as if the other car jumped in your way along with the innocent bystanders who were obviously deciding to get knocked that night,” my mother says in a sarcastic voice.

Graham and Selene Jordan were the perfect Hollywood couple. My dad had this gorgeous wavy hair, sparkly blue eyes and a built that women around the world drooled over when a shirtless scene was called for. My mom was the in-demand Victoria’s Secret model, that despite reaching the age of thirty-five she was still ruling the ramps. Did it feel weird that men and women all over the world were slobbering and collecting revealing pictures of my parents? Probably.

Hell, they couldn’t get enough of it when they were secretly dating, and then when Selene Richards became Selene Jordan, it was something else all together. It didn’t make matters easier when Selene took a year off to take care of her new baby girl, Kerina Jordan—or as I like to call myself—Nina Jordan.

The paparazzi, reporters and various socialites, loved to be seen with me when I was a toddler. There would all sorts of pictures of me with a celeb, just hanging at a park or playing ball on the beach, it was amazing because those celebs usually grabbed me awkwardly and smiled as if I was the cutest thing in the world—the smile would drop though as soon as a click was heard. The folks hated it, they didn’t want their baby girl being plastered in the tabloids, and I was dubbed the ‘Golden Princess’

Growing up was cool in my eyes—I had nannies, I was home schooled, I got every single I wanted, and I had the coolest friends. My parents made sure I never wanted for anything. Two years ago I had finally completed highschool. I had no desire to go to college, because I had no idea what I wanted to become. Everyone else thought I’d naturally head into acting or modelling like the ‘rents did.

I had other ideas. I partied with my friends, woke up at one in the afternoon, got dressed and partied again. I had a swanky apartment on Sunset Boulevard and dad had generously bought me a wicked cool Lamborghini Gallardo for my eighteenth birthday. So basically everything was super cool. I even had a hot shot boyfriend who was the son of a legendary actor, Michael was heading into acting too. But I’m sure he just enjoyed being seen with me in the tabloids, you wouldn’t believe how a simple picture could boost up ratings for a movie or music video. Whatev!

So last month it was my twentieth birthday. I had a few drinks—like couple bottles or something—anyway I was the designated driver. You see no one explained to me that the designated driver was supposed to be sober, and I was so not allowing anyone to get behind the wheel of my Lambo. Yes, I did the insane thing by driving—speeding—down Western Avenue. Suffice it to say, I thought I avoided an oncoming car, but instead I drove straight into a shelter. Oh and I somehow still managed to knock the car.

I spent a weekend in jail—it wasn’t so bad but I won’t be going back thank you—and thanks to mommy and daddy, I got out on twenty thousand dollars bail and I spent that time holed up in my apartment reading about the Golden Princess’ latest stunt.

“Look I said I was sorry, it’s not like anyone died or anything,” I shrug and fluff my four hundred dollar haircut.

“This time,” my father says seriously. “You need to understand that we cannot keep bailing you out of trouble!”

“Why not? You’re my parents and you have a lot of money,” I frown at them.

“Yes, a lot of money,” my mother looks at me meaningfully. “Our money.”

I stare at them in confusion. “Are you cutting me off?”

I blink suddenly very afraid. Will they kick me out of the house? Oh crap, am I going to be one of those beggars? Would they let me keep my car?

“We are not cutting you off—”

I sigh relieved.

“But we are putting our foot down,” my father continues.

I frown and look down at his legs, huh? His foot is down.

“We’ve decided that you should start college now,” my mother tilts her head at me, waiting for my reaction.

I stare at her for a few seconds before I’m convulsing with laughter. Really? College?

“Kerina!” my father bellows and I immediately shut my mouth.

“This is not a laughing matter, Nina,” my mother says quietly.

“It’s just,” I begin. “I’ve been home schooled since I was in kindergarten, I don’t know what going to a normal school would be like.”

“Your behaviour is as much our fault as it is yours,” my father says with disappointment. “We’ve sheltered you from the exposure of our lives, only to have pushed you into it in a different way.”

“No one has pushed me, look, I said I was sorry! This was just one time that I got into this kind of trouble!” I protest.

My mother raises her perfectly plucked brows at me. “The trouble at INDIGO?”

“Those guys fought each other! I did not fight them!”

“Yes, but why did the fight start?”

I close my mouth. It started because of me. How was I supposed to know that two guys wanted me? I was innocently dancing with my friends, I had no idea that I was supposed to limit my flirting to one person per nightclub. Besides they knew I was Nina Jordan, there was no way I would settle for any other guy when I had Michael Leeman on my arm—or so the tabloids thought.

“What about the public indecency in Central Park?” my father asks.

“Oh my god! That was so not my fault! That dog totally ripped my shirt!”

“Because you were doing…?”

I look away from his disappointed glare. I was doing Michael on the park floor, I didn’t know we were not supposed to make out—uh, have sex—in the park. I had no idea, I mean people always do suck face while they’re in public.

“Okay, so I’m a bad person, sending me to college isn’t exactly a good thing! Think of all those people I could corrupt!” just imagining Harvard sent a chill of excitement through me, it wasn’t like they would send me anywhere else since the both of them had gone there.

“Wipe the smile of your face, Nina, you’re not going to Harvard,” my father looks at me waiting for my reaction. “You’re going to attend UCLA.”

My mouth drops open, and fear creeps up my neck. Uni-fucking-versity of Cali-fucking-fornia Los-fucking-Angeles. You have got to be shitting me!

“Are you serious?” I squeak.

“You’ve been placed in a scholarship programme, you can take up any class you like, although unlike the other students you will be taking on two majors.”

My eyes widen. Two? Hell, I didn’t know which one I was going to take and they wanted me to do two?

“Is that even possible?” my voice, a whisper.

“Think of this as community service for almost killing four people,” my mother mutters as she stands.

They knew that sending me to UCLA was the biggest sort of punishment they could give me. The girls there had formed a hate group against celebrity children last year after a bunch of celebs entered their campus to study full time. So many had left due to embarrassment and harassing, the dean tried to stop it, but honestly—who listens to the dean anymore? They had a lot to say about me though, and last month after my stunt, they hadn’t stayed quiet.

“You will be living on campus, one of the scholarship suites we managed to acquire for you,” my father says absently. “You’ll be in the Weyburn Terrace, Palm Court.”

I stop listening. They were actually doing this, they were sending me away to live away from them and to subject me to people that hated me.

“Nina!” my mother’s snap breaks me out of my pitiful me party.


“The Lamborghini will be taken away, till such time that you get a job and are able to afford the monthly instalments on it, you can have it back,” my mother says. “Also the apartment will go on sale, you won’t be needing it for the next three years anyway.”

I nod absently and walk silently into my room, I look around at all my posters and memorabilia from being the Golden Princess, they were really doing this. I pull out my shock pink suitcase and begin filling in my stuff. My designer clothes, shoes, accessories. Was I ever going to come back here again? I sounded shallow but I was scared. I had never ever moved away from the comfort of my parents and their money.

I sit on the bed thinking about all the things I’ve done. Did I deserve it? Hell, yeah. Did I have to like it? Not really.

“Another thing,” my father comes into the room and looks at all my things. He picks up a picture of Michael and I. “I want you to stop seeing him.”

I look up at my father and see the sadness and disappointment in his eyes, it was the first time I truly paid attention to what he felt. The sad part was, he always looked like that ever since I was a teenager. Was I really a disappointment?


The sun beats down on my back, the t-shirt I’m wearing is probably soaked through but I’m staring in fear at the massive campus. One hundred and sixty three buildings the guide had said to me, broken up by north and south buildings. There were beautiful gardens and fountains everywhere. One of my favourite fountains was the one outside the Powell Library. The halls were incredibly huge and freaking scary. I was glad I didn’t have to move around all that much, both my classes where in the north building. I had settles on art and music. Some new college professor decided she wanted to take the leap and offer out her services. I wasn’t a lover of music but I figured it couldn’t be all that hard, right?

As my parents walk me to my suite in Palm Court, I notice the stares they receive. So many students stop them to take pictures and sign autographs, and surely enough almost a hundred students are passing around the info that the Golden Princess is enrolling in UCLA and even better was that I hear them calling me ‘the Golden Drunk’ seriously.

The suite is lovely, it’s spacious and furnished. There are two rooms, the upstairs one is apparently taken by my roommate, Eva Keller. After settling me in my impressive bedroom near the downstairs bathroom, my parents wish me luck and leave. I flop backwards on to the bare bed, instantly wishing for my Egyptian sheets and comforters. I have a small desk against a window which overlooks a sparkling blue pool, my closet isn’t room size but big enough for my stuff. I don’t have classes today so I begin to pack things into the spaces allotted.

I am setting down a picture frame of my parents and I on the desk, when a blonde haired girl pokes her head inside.

“Hey,” she smiles.

I smile back and wave her in. we are alike yet different. She is tall like me with killer curves similar to mine, while she is blessed with some serious bounty, I have enough to look womanly. Her eyes are big and cloud grey, whereas my eyes are almond shaped and somewhere in between blue and green. Her hair is long and reaches the small of her back in a beautiful blonde colour, while mine is dark brown with auburn highlights and brushes my shoulder blades.

“I’m Eva,” she grins.

I immediately like her. “Nina.”

“Right, the whole campus is buzzing about you,” she rolls her eyes. “Don’t worry though, we have art together, and besides my big brother is in music with you.”

I raise my brow. Was she already protecting my virtue? My grin widens.

“Speaking of my brother, there he is now, that’s Adam.”

I turn in the direction of my window, to find a guy lifting himself out of the pool. My mouth dries as I watch the dude walk towards the chair to where his towel probably was. He had olive skin, his hair was plastered against his face and neck, it looked dark from here, his lips curved in a satisfied smile, water dripped enticingly slow down his washboard abs and disappeared into the wet fabric of his black and green swim trunks. He was gorgeous to say the least.

I realise I am being pulled from my room. I follow Eva to the open plan lounge and kitchen area where she opens the sliding door.

“Adam! My new roommate is here!” Eva calls out.

I am suddenly nervous in my micro-short shorts and tight t-shirt. I have no idea why. Adam strolls towards us, his eyes track up and down my body, I cannot discern his expression because he keeps his face blank but a small smile playing on thin sensual lips. as he steps in front of me I find his eyes are grey, and far too intelligent.

“This is Nina Jordan. Nina this is my brother Adam Keller,” Eva says in a cheery voice, completely unaware that I am ready to drown into a puddle at her brother’s feet.

I plaster a smile on my face—years of pretending to be happy while having an argument with my parents had mastered the art of my fake smile—and hold out my hand. “Hi.”

He returns my hand shake, his hand damp from the water. “Hello.”

Before anyone of us can utter another word, Adam presses a kiss to Eva’s forehead and strolls off in another direction. What the hell? Did he totally walk away from Nina Jordan? Oh to hell with him then!

That night after setting up my room, putting on my beddings, getting to know Eva and making a quick call to my mom to tell her I was settled in, I finally crashed into my bed. I fell asleep instantly. I dreamt of a certain shirtless guy with grey eyes, but this time he didn’t walk away, nope this time he pressed his soft lips to mine.

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