The idea behind April Fool’s Day was apparently created way back when. I often wonder what went through their heads at the time and why April? Why not any other month?

Stepping away from my questions, let me do what I do best and tell you about a few of my April Fool’s Memories.

Pranks played on me…

Today I woke up at 6:30am and called up a friend to wish her on her birthday. After that I lay around until it hit 8am. I had a bath and went about my day, it was my turn to cook.

After making an epic pasta dish, my mom was busy cleaning the kitchen. She starts shouting from the kitchen, “Yajna! Look at how much of the pasta and cheese you dropped between the stove and the grocery cupboard!”

I ran.

I hate the wastage of food, more especially I hate creating a mess that mom has to clean.

I get there and I search frantically only to hear my mom laughing at me and calling me an April Fool.

Stop laughing!

In the year of 2010, I managed to make a lot of friends. One of them happened to be a guy I used to continuously speak to over the phone. It was a strange friendship that we had. We mostly spoke about food and Finding Nemo. (Yes, I was in fact 18 years old at the time of said conversations).

So on that particular April 1st, he called me and told me that I should come out onto the balcony because he was waiting downstairs for me.


I did exactly that.

Only to hear him say, “When have you ever told me where you live, you fool?”

I said stop laughing!

But … I wasn’t so tame in a prank I played on a friend that same day….

Prank that kinda sorta went overboard but was soooo worth it…

A guy–let’s call him Dave–so Dave was in school with me for a year during the first year of high-school. My first ever high-school crush, he ended up moving back to Johannesburg and we lost all contact until I got a phone in Matric and I discovered the wonders of Facebook.

In the months that past we became extremely close friends.  MXIT was a thing then and we’d talk/chat till odd hours of the morning/night. In fact Dave was responsible for my Metallica obsession.

So on the 31st of March 2010, we were talking about how he had gotten back with the girlfriend again. I started checking out of the conversation to the point where it was obvious.

He asked me what was up and that I seemed distant all of a sudden.

So I proceeded to tell him how sick I was of hearing about this girlfriend. He was a little stunned, telling me he was sorry and that he wouldn’t mention it again. He said he was under the impression that I didn’t mind because I always gave him advice.

I could have left it there, right?

Pulled the April Fool card and called it a night?


I told him about how my crush never went away and that I developed feelings for him. I went on waxing poetry and he was at a loss for words. He tried to console me, telling me he liked his girlfriend and that I was his really good friend.

I told him I guess there was only one more thing to do…

He assumed I was going to end the friendship or something but by that time the time had gone passed midnight which meant????


Yeah, he was so pissed at me. In fact it took him a day or two to finally accept my apology. It was all good though. He found it funny afterwards.

Come one! Don’t judge, it was really funny!

Anyway,  to all of you who’ve played pranks or got pranked… play safe an don’t take anything to heart.


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