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Skylar Reed believed that in order to move forward you had to block out your past, pretend it wasn’t there and a new life would automatically fall into place. Meeting Kian Kane made her think that it was definitely true. Life with him is passionate, erotic and fun. He is easy-going and loves her. She loves him. But the past doesn’t stay hidden. Join these two lovers as they learn about sacrifice, trust, and love. Skylar will have to learn about facing her past whilst Kian is going to learn that beauty is only skin deep. He has to learn to see Beneath Her Beautiful.

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She is bitter. She is angry. She is filled with hate and envy. She is beautiful. She is darkness. She. Is. MINE. He is there. He is caring. He is devastating. He. Can. NEVER. Be. Mine. They say love heals all. We say love is toxic. They say trust is crucial. We say trust doesn’t exist. They say never judge others. We say judgement is all we know. They say I should let her go. I say it’s impossible. They say I should let him in. I say it’s impossible.

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She showed up at his doorstep at sun down. Her hair was disheveled, her clothes torn and stained with blood. During the late summer storm, they were helpless against the passion they were forbidden to feel. She couldn’t leave and he couldn’t let her. All through the night she enticed him with her words. He should not have been enticed. He should not have touched his claimed lips onto her sweet, innocent ones. He woke to the sun on his face, the screams of his wife, no recollection of the night after that kiss, and a dead girl next to him. He knew her story, he knew her body, and he even knew her name. Ophelia Please note that this book is not suitable for those under 18 as it contains explicit situations. Sex, Rape and Abuse are all present in this book.

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Welcome to Dramir, a city where the blood never stops flowing

The streets of Dramir have always been protected under the rule of the reigning King. It was all because of his not so secret weapon. A weapon they called the assassin. A weapon with long-dark hair, savage soulless eyes and a body built for sin. She wielded a sword as one would breathe air. She danced in blood as one would dance in rain. She laughed in the face of death as one would laugh at a bad joke. It was believed that the day the assassin experienced emotion, the world of Dramir as they knew it would crumble under the force of her shattering heart. How could you break the heart of someone who had long since lived without one? How could you fight against the darkness when she forced light to do her bidding? Most importantly how could you hide, when she came looking for you?

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Dasher and Aria. 

Two people who were broken down by life. 

Two people whose default setting was self-destruction. 

Two people who were betrayed by the ones they loved. 

Two people who refrain from crossing the lines they know they shouldn’t. 

Aria has spent the last year trying very hard to get over the guy who crushed her heart. While the world thinks that she is being dramatic, Aria cannot escape from the heartache that haunts her like a ghost. 

Dasher has spent two years trying to get over the death of someone who meant the world to him. While his family thinks that it is high time he move on and stop acting out, Dasher cannot escape the emptiness he feels where the one he loved should be. 

On a dark night in the middle of Brooklyn Bridge, an accident brings both these broken souls together. They form a pact to hold each other up, no judgement, no questions. 

But love is a fickle beast that creeps up on even the most unsuited couples. Aria and Dasher think they have moved past the insecurities and the drama, but fate has other plans. 

Aria and Dasher… 

Two people who were better off not meeting. 

Or so they thought…

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