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Sage is a timid thing. Always looking away when I direct my gaze on her.
She has this curious pull, which try as I might, I gravitate toward her.
She was a good girl that I wanted to corrupt, and damn, did she make it easy.
She thinks she can escape me, but she can’t. After all, I am the son of a psychopath.
When a wolf senses blood, it charges full speed ahead to its prey.
And Sage Young? She was my prey.

Kadence thinks I’m on his radar, if only he knew that he has been on mine.
He thinks he is danger, he has no idea what I have planned for him.
My mother was right, the devil is often disguised as an angel, but this angel had no intention of doing God’s work.
No, I was here to vanquish the devil and take his throne.
Kadence Masters, there’s a new wolf in town.


The party was fucking boring as shit. I don’t even get why I came here. The boys wanted to be around the it crowd. We were in our final year, next year was college, naturally we needed to escape the juvenile life with a bang. I rolled my eyes as Vixen ran her hands up and down my thigh. She tried desperately to get me worked up, but she just did not do it for me.

Who the fuck even names their daughter Vixen? It was like they were setting her up for a life of prostitution. What was worse was that she was a scrawny thing with fake breasts that made her look as if she would tip over if she didn’t have a butt job. Her hair was like one of those trailer park moms, curly and resembled the color of a rusty nail. Her features were distorted due to the lip fillers. Tiny beady brown eyes set in a foundation caked faced.

She was a waste of space on this earth.

Right now, she was more like a gnat I wanted to swat from my leg.

That was until she walked in. My dick immediately hardened in my jeans and of course, Trailer Trash thought she was turning me on. It wasn’t her though. It was the girl with the perfect figure and the twilight smile. The smile that made you want to fight wars for.

She caught a glimpse of me, frowned and moved to the other room.

What the fuck? The whole point of her getting an invite was because tonight was the night that I would make her mine. I rose from the couch, toppling Trailer Trash to the floor.

“Kadence, what the fuck?” she shrieked.

I ignored her and continued in the direction that she had gone.

People clapped my back good-naturedly, and some moved out of the way as soon as they saw me. My focus was pinned on its mark. Nothing made a difference to me. No one could hinder my attention.

She stood, laughing with a frumpy friend of hers. I couldn’t understand why someone as gorgeous as her walked around with the likes of that twig. There were times that when she walked in front of her friend, you couldn’t even see the girl behind her. That’s how rake thin she was.

The only reason I even paid attention to her friend or noticed the stick was because wherever that thing was, so was she.

I ignore the fact that they are in a conversation and walk straight up to her.

She looks right into my gaze with shock. “Kadence?”

My name on her lips was like music.

“Delaney,” I smiled. “I was hoping you would come tonight.”

She crossed her arms over her chest, pushing up her large breasts. “I am not here for you.”

Anger clouded my vision. “Excuse me?”

She smirked as if having one over the star quarterback was the most exotic feather in her cap.

“I came here with my boyfriend,” she grinned.

I smiled, a sinister look on my face that made Delaney stiffen and worry cloud her gaze. “Who is he?”

“I’m not telling you,” she shook her head.

“Why?” I leaned into her space. “You think I am gonna do something to him?”

“You are crazy, Kadence,” she spat. “Now please, just leave me alone. I don’t want you. I never did. You are not worth my time.”

You are crazy, Kadence. I grinned wider. She had no fucking idea, did she? A guy that I recognized from the team came up behind her and wrapped his hands around her waist. Her eyes widened comically, before her she decided to smirk again. She squeezed him to her.

I laughed out loud. “You wanna play, baby? Let’s play.”

I turned around and looked at her friend. She was fucking disgusting as far as I was concerned.

 “You’ll do,” I grabbed her by the upper arm and despite her protests, and I dragged her off with me.

Delaney never said a word in her friend’s defense.

Delaney never came to look for her friend.

Delaney never checked on her boyfriend.

No… by the time the sun rose, Delaney was in my bed having the time of her life, while her friend and boyfriend had their lives ruined.

I was Kadence fucking Masters.

The son of Mackenna Masters Porter. Being a psychopath was in my DNA.


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