Communication vs Social Media

Social Media is such a powerful thing. I know this because Social Media rules 90% of my life. I used the excuse that I needed to be on all platforms and continuously interacting with people for the sake of my books, but honestly I was and to an extent, am ruled by it.

In Ophelia, I had a quote where Ophelia believed that your relationship meant nothing until you confirmed it on Facebook. You couldn’t start your dinner until you Instagram’ed a photo of it. You didn’t feel something emotionally deep until you Tweeted something cryptic. You were not perfect until you used the best Snapchat filter. Have you noticed that we end up comparing our lives to others? Whether we intend to or not, the next selfie we take must be better than the other person’s. The places we go to and the amount of clothes we wear, drastically changes according to the last seen post.

I recently reacted completely out of character. I saw something online that hurt me deeply, without confirmation or even a conversation with the person involved, I jumped to the worst conclusion and reacted badly.

Which brings me to the point of communication.

We spend so much time chatting. Sometimes it isn’t even a proper conversation. It is on topic of what you or the other posted. The leading cause of issues between families, friendships and relationships are always something that was posted online.

We are surrounded by people who prefer to walk around with the head bowed and eyes on the screen, than having their phone put away and actually noticing the world around them.

I am that person. I validate everything and anything with the use of Social Media. In fact, I cannot even sell a book without having to attract people on Facebook. I cannot believe in anyone because their statuses contradict that which they are. I doubt people when they hide things on Social Media.

I disappointed myself with how I reacted. I was rash and heartbroken and sobbing. If what I saw online was told to me verbally, I probably would have been more adult about it.

My best friend and I don’t chat over WhatsApp or any Social Media. Instead, we spend hours physically talking on the phone. When there are serious matters or happy times to endure, we speak for hours.

It is genuine…

I pulled back from all Social Media as of yesterday (9th May 2017). I am giving myself some time away from everyone and everything that hurt me. I am intending to shape myself into someone strong enough to withstand whatever I see. I am teaching myself not to take an online presence or situation and make it real.

I am focusing all my attention on writing and making myself into someone I can be proud of. I want to experience life without the clutches of the people behind screens(ironic as I type this, I know).

More than that, I want to see who forsakes the Social Media barrier and tries to contact me in realsies!

Stay authentic!

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