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Dangerous Games Duet

The Dangerous Games Duet follows Mackenna, Elias and Hennessey through a twisted, dark and steamy journey. Click on the book cover images to go to Amazon Buy Links.

Love is a dangerous word.

As much as it has ended battles, it has started wars.

As much as it has healed pain, it has caused agony.

As much as it has ended hate, it has created loathing.

I fell in love. A kind of love that I would live and die for. A kind of love that I would forsake who I was to obtain it. I was one of the believers until I wasn’t anymore.

I trusted too easily, I fell too quickly, and I loved… oh, I loved too deeply.
However, there was one thing I was excellent at…


Was I insane? Sure. Borderline psychopathic, when I didn’t take my meds.

But it was okay…

They liked me that way.

I smiled as I watched them hand in hand wondering what was going to happen next.

They think it’s over.

I laughed.

They think there’s a sense of remorse within me.

I laughed harder.

Game on.

When the hunter becomes the prey…

She stood at the threshold of a house that had become her home. Before her, everything lay shattered.

She thought she was ahead of the game, I mean, the psychotic woman who would do anything for the one she loved was bound to win… right?

Who did she love?

Was it me?

Was it her?

I didn’t care any longer.

In the game of cat and mouse, Mackenna thought she had won. She thought she had defeated me in her war against all odds.

I was the type of odd she didn’t see coming.

I was the collateral damage that raged an inferno in her life, after all, I learned from the best.

The tables are about to turn, my love.

I’m coming for you.