Feel… Accept…Move On…

It has become a sort of trend being the broody and depressed person. The person who claims to have so much going on behind a big smile.

I used to be that person. I used to smile and pretend that everything was okay, no matter how many millions of pieces my heart shattered into.

I started a book that has been deeply hard and emotional for me. Believe it or not it has very little to do with me or my life. Maybe a few aspects here and there, but other than that it is a deeply heartbreaking and emotional tale.

I decided to write it simply to adopt a new approach on life.

The new book is my outlet. Every single emotion I have ever felt, any moment that has stayed with me, has now been poured into every word. The situations and relationships don’t resemble anything that I have been through, but the emotions behind it… let’s just say that if someone broke my heart hard enough then in the book I described a car crash that was life threatening.

I do have my moments to be completely honest. I have moments where I embrace my sadness and post emo poems and stuff about being alone.

Here’s what I don’t do:

I don’t live in it.

I don’t live in the sadness or the heartbreak. It happens, I feel, I post/purge/write and then I’m back to being happy bubbly ME!

Being unhappy and sad for eons doesn’t help the situation. Being upset that things are not going your way or someone has everything you ever wanted, isn’t going to give you a better perspective on life.

My recent disappointment kept me up for nights and even had me becoming physically ill, then I realized that it was not worth it. All this effort I was putting into worrying about what the situation was like was quite literally killing me, so I then wrote it down.

I wrote myself a letter and told myself everything that I was afraid to admit out loud.

It worked.

A friend of mine has a motto that he lives by and it is simple CELEBRATE LIFE!

I never understood the beauty of those two words until recently. There is something absolutely fulfilling in living life to your fullest. Even if you aren’t travelling the world or making waves in the career you’d like or even if you’re single and surrounded by happy couples or you’re the broke friend or you’re in a job you hate…

You can easily change that by simply choosing to be happy.

Celebrate the fact that you have this life. Celebrate the fact that you get to wake up everyday and live. Celebrate the fact that you actually have the power to change it all.

So here’s my advice: Feel… feel every bit of emotion… acknowledge its presence… and then let it go.

Choose happiness.

It is so much easier to laugh and smile, than it is to be frowning all day.

Stay happy!!!

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