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Hey guys!

Even as an Author, when I click on a book on Goodreads or Amazon, I always look at the reviews. Mostly, I look for the bloggers’ reviews on the book.

I follow hundreds of bloggers on social media and one thing is always common, their continuous support for all authors out there. In reality, we are all strangers to each other, yet when a reader or blogger picks up a book–they are suddenly submerged into a world that the author created.

The bond is formed and the deal is done.

You are forever a part of each other’s lives.

Let’s get to know them, shall we?


Today, I have Erika Panfile from Book Haven Book Blog, who was kind enough to answer a few questions!

Who’s behind the keyboard? Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Erika (Budd) Panfile. I’m a wife of 15 years with two littles: girl is 11 and boy is 5. I have a blue tick coonhound to round out the circus. I work full time as a Benefits Analyst and began blogging about 2 years ago after reviewing as a reader for about 6 months prior to that. I also have my little reviewing Army behind me that keep me sane and support our blog so much. Nicole, Christina, Carolyn, Belinda, and Stina are rockstars!!

***Hello to the other members of BHBB!!!***

Which book made you decide that you wanted to blog about books?

Actually, the blog was started by the owner, Amanda, and I was reviewing for her at the time when she asked if I wanted to run it for her, the rest is history. She has been amazing at letting me do whatever I want, even if I have no clue what I’m doing. Although, one of my very first reviews was for Jordan Marie’s Devil’s Blaze MC Series, and I’m still telling people they need to read that one.

Do you have a personal TBR (list apart from review requests)? If yes, what book are you most excited to read this year?

Of course!! I try to read a mix of PR sign ups, direct review requests, ARC’s from my Authors, and a few that I one-click throughout the month. Of course there’s always the “Here read this” pile from my amazing Blogger and Reader friends. I don’t remember off hand when it comes out, but I’m salivating for when Flip Trick by Amo Jones comes out!!

***Damn! That cover though!***

When blogging, what are your “must haves” (food, music, junk, naked men)?

I blog in spurts, so in the morning there needs to be coffee so I can see straight, and it really depends on the day. There’s something different happening on the blog each day. Having two kids and a full time job, it’s hard to find balance and original content, but I try to share what I want to read and have already read and loved, along with what my reviewers are reading as well.

What is the hardest thing you had to say about a book?

I always find it difficult to review a new Author (either brand spanking new or new to me) because I don’t want them to be discouraged if the story didn’t blow me away. It rarely happens that I don’t like something, but when it does, I try to be as helpful and kind as I can be.

What is the one thing you wish authors knew/understood about blogging?

I guess the biggest thing for me is the time and the energy that goes into running a blog our size, a group, reviewing, and just keeping up. Maybe not necessarily the Authors, but random share requests being sent from all directions can sometimes feel overwhelming to us. I’m a big fan of encouraging emailed review requests, putting share requests in our daily pimp posts, requesting takeovers in the group via email, anything that makes it easier. It’s just me that’s answering them, so it can be a bit much.

What is your all-time favorite book?

That has to be the hardest question on the planet, but we’ll go with my favorite since 5th grade. I have read Stephen King’s IT pretty much every summer since I was 11 and never get tired of it.

Who is your go to author when you are stuck in a book funk?

I have a few, actually too many Authors that maybe I spread myself thin at times. Honestly? The amount of talent in the indie world is astounding, just saying. You can never go wrong with L.J. Shen, Amo Jones, Jordan Marie, Ashley Jade, and I could rattle you off a ton of amazing Authors that I’ve enjoyed since I’ve started. I love when people talk books with me!!

Your favorite genre? Why?

I’m a sucker for Mafia Romance, it has always been one of my favorites, but I’m convinced I will pretty much read most genres. There’s just something about Mafia… a bad-boy with power brought to his knees for the woman he loves that gets me….

***Siiiiigh!!! Agreed.***

What are your top 3 Movies (adaptations of books or other)?

The Breakfast Club

Halloween-Rob Zombie Version


What are your top 3 TV Series (adaptations of books or other)?


13 Reasons Why

Blue Bloods

If you had 10 seconds before your house went up in flames, what is the first thing you’d grab?

After my family, I would grab my Mom’s jewelry box with all her jewelry to be handed down to my daughter. Now that she’s gone, it’s become so important to have that to pass along.

***DUDE!!! Riverdale is life!!!***

Name one item on your bucket list?

A kid-less vacation to a tropical place with the hubs…so ready for that.

Favorite song that you’re jammin’ to right now.

I have “My Everything” by Kane Brown as my ringtone right now.

A book you secretly wish can be a movie/tv series and who would play the main leads?

I just read Melissa Toppen’s Tequila Duet and told her in no uncertain terms that it needed to become a movie STAT. The 1st book just released and the second comes out in the next few weeks and it was phenomenal!! The main leads, if it was a movie, would be Theo James as Hudson and Olivia Holt as Lennon. It needs to happen, lol. A must read duet by the way. (HINT)

If you had to give an aspiring blogger advice, what would it be?

Be kind, but don’t be afraid to say no. Watch out for burn out. Keep it fun, and do what you can. Let your love for books shine through.

Review yourself in twenty words.

Overly tired hot-mess Mom who wants to read every book on the planet in her pajamas while drinking coffee.


Thank you, Erika for taking the time and letting us get to know you. I know I have a few new reads added to my TBR! Also, Kane Brown’s song is so soothing. Amazing.

A note from moi: I came across Book Haven Book Blog when I was trying to make some noise about The Wreck of Our Hearts.  Book Haven Book Blog is one of the many blogs out there that put up statuses on Facebook every single day, and thereafter, share the links.

For newbie and unknown authors like me, this was a blessing because even if one person shares your release it is such a help. I guess that was why I wanted to do this.

I’m glad that I approached BHBB, and I hope you all take a look at their social media.

You can find Erika and her gang on these platforms:







Her preferred method of contact is e-mail at



Do you want to take part in a blogger interview, or know of someone who should definitely get in on this? Feel free to email me with “Blogger Interview” in the subject line.


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  1. You are amazing, thank you so much for all you do! Authors like you make it an absolute joy to be a blogger!

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