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I was on the path of righteousness. I wanted to stand by the woman I loved, but forced to marry the woman I hated.

People believe that I am weak, but not anymore.
I am the Boss.
I am the future of two empires.

If not love,
I was hell bent on achieving something far greater…


They took everything from me, all because I am a woman. Of course, they had ignored the most famous line written by a man himself, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

I was going to ensure that I obtained everything they believed I couldn’t.
I was going to crumple the empire they were so proud of.

The only way to see my plan to completion was through Zevin. There is something seriously intoxicating about corrupting a good man.

If not love,
I was hell bent on achieving something far greater…

Svyazali is located in the SoFa District of San Jose and is a hidden gem of the city. The rich and wealthy in the greater California Area are well aware of where and what the building hosted and yet, it was San Jose’s best kept secret.

The club resembles an upscale two-story mansion. It has a homely look and feel to it. Long columns and large windows that are blacked out. The mansion is surrounded by a white picket fence. All in all, Svyazali is meant to look like a family style home and yet it hosted the deepest and depraved secrets that most people hid from their families.

Dmitri and Zevin Vasaly make their way into the foyer. They’re signed in and escorted to the main area. While the outside looked like a mansion, the inside was a large open space on the first floor. A stage was set up where male and female dancers evoked the feelings of lust in the patrons that sat at their tables.

Dmitri was on top of the world. He had been trying to gain access to Svyazali for months, but it was so exclusive that even his money and pull couldn’t get him in. Finally, Zevin waltzed into his room earlier that day with free access cards.

There are various glass cages for those patrons that enjoy being watched during their acts. Private rooms are hosted upstairs.

Everyone has to wear a mask before stepping into the room. Both parties are never aware of who they are with. That was what allured Dmitri to the club. He loved his fiancé, there was no doubt about that, however with their marriage looming, he wanted one last night to immerse himself in random pussy and drugs.

“Zev!” he grabs his brother in a playful headlock. “We made it!”

Zevin chuckles and dislodges himself as he grabs a glass of champagne from the waitress that was clad in a dominatrix suit. “We did.”

The Vasaly brothers were highly sought after in San Jose. Heirs to the car manufacturing giant, VAS, the men were good-looking. Dmitri took on a more rugged look with a beard, buff look, green eyes always filled with laughter, and an all-round jovial attitude towards life. He was Maksim’s pride and joy, the son that protected his brother and sister from the reality of what the business was about. The son that took on duty as if it were ingrained in his blood.

Zevin on the other hand was clean-cut. A strong, sharp jaw, piercing green eyes that hid secrets, and a lean yet muscular stature. Always dressed in black, Zevin was the dark mysterious man who lurked in the corner. He was sheltered from the truth of his family. All he knew was that as a kid, his family moved from Russia to California.

The two men were out tonight after closing a major deal with another Russian family. The Vasaly brothers were to be married to the Petrov sisters. The Petrov family were rumored to be the head of the mafia ring that ran throughout the country. Soraya and Sasha Petrov were betrothed to Dmitri and Zevin, respectively.

Zevin relaxes back against the couch and watches as two masked women make out provocatively on the stage. He sipped from his champagne glass and enjoyed the buzz that started in his head. His brother was long gone, indulging in the women and the drugs that were served on silver trays.

Zevin’s attention is snagged by a woman who stands in the middle of the grand staircase that leads to the upper floors. She is draped in a long-sleeved silver gown that glimmers even in the low light. Her mask covers the top half of her face only highlighting her lush thick lips which are painted a deep red.

She looks like a dark swan. After spending time with an angel like Sasha, Zevin was highly tempted to spend one night indulging in someone dark and mysterious. He would swear that the dark swan watched him, but he couldn’t be sure. He grabs his mask from next to him and wraps it around his eyes. The masks for the men and women were the same in the sense that only the lips were revealed. While the women had sequined patterns, the men had plain leather.

As he stands, Zevin watches the swan turn around in a swirl of glitter and slowly make her way up the stairs. He follows closely. The seductive sway of her hips moves in tandem with the hypnotic beats of the music.

She opens the door to one of the private rooms and Zevin closes the door ensuring that it locks.

“Do you consent?” he asks as he walks up behind her.

The room is plain, a large black bed dominates the room with various set ups of sex rigs. Toys hung on different parts of the wall.

The black swan turns her face to the side and nods. Her long dark hair is braided expertly and lays along her bare spine. He traces his knuckles along her skin. He marvels at how soft her skin is.

“Do you have any reservations?” he whispers directly in her ear.

The black swan shakes her head and immediately claps her hands. The lights dim and she turns around. Zevin leans down and places a chaste kiss on her plump lips. She tastes like cinnamon as he slides his tongue along hers. Her hands remain behind her, curled around the edge of the table.

He slides his fingers down her sides locating the zipper of her dress. He drags it down slowly, ensuring that their skin never loses contact. Their kiss turns frenzied as the silk falls away from her body. In the dim light he cannot make out the color of her skin, however it feels soft. He moves to step back to look upon her body, but she is having none of that.

She undoes the buttons on his shirt and pushes it off his body. She then unbuckles his belt and removes his pants, falling to her knees as she takes the material with her. Zevin closes his eyes as he feels her mouth envelope him.

He knows he is too big for her to handle by the way saliva pools down the side of her mouth.

Zevin wishes he could be a better man. He should pull out of her mouth and give her some reprieve, but… Sasha is a timid thing that gets so shy that all they have is missionary sex with their clothes on and the lights off, so he took advantage of this moment. He powered to the back of her throat feeling the black swan start to choke and close around his dick.

He is seconds away from coming. Pulling out, he roughly picks her up from the floor and throws her on the bed. Before she can situate herself, he grabs the handcuffs that lay at the foot of the bed. He secures her hands and legs, leaving her spread-eagled and bound to each post.

He crawls between her thighs and devours her pussy as if it were a dish he craved. He slides his tongue along her folds bringing forth breathless moans from her lips. Using the tip of his tongue, he plays with her clit forcing her to pull against her restraints and squeeze his head between her thighs. He feels her gush against his lips and knows she’s ready for him.

Rising on his knees, he rubs the tip of his cock along her slit. Up and down making her moans turn feral. Finally, after they have both experienced enough torture, Zevin slides inside her heat painfully slow.

She’s tighter than he’d expect a woman who works here to be. He feels something give way under his thrust but doesn’t have enough to process it as the black swan urges him to go faster. Powering into her, as if it were the last time, he’d ever have her. Which was true. In a few weeks, he would be married.

He releases into her with a guttural growl in her ear. They gasp for breath, bodies slick with sweat and room smelling of sex. He removes the cuffs from her hands and feet and crawls back up her body. He reaches up and decides, he wants to see her face. He wants to know the face of the woman that gave him an unforgettable night. Before he can slide the mask off, a scream rings through the room.

This scream sounds like pain and fear, and Zevin jumps off the black swan to go and see what happened.

He runs into the room next to the one he was just in, and the sight that greets him, is one that would haunt him for the rest of his life.

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