Every book has its journey. For Tainted Blood it started in July of 2010. At that stage it was known as A Spell to Die For, it was based on triplets with names after jewels; Amethyst, Tanzanite and Garnet. It had much of the same storyline about young Tanzanite trying to get out from under the rule of a ruthless queen. She was the opposite of everything Atalia stands for today.

Back then, A Spell to Die For was a means of escape for me. I had completed the Twilight Saga books and watched all the movies up until Eclipse. I completed reading however many Vampire Diaries books were out and also completed watching most of the first season. I was on a L.J. Smith binge at the time and when I ran out of all other options to escape reality, I decided to write my own story.

By September of 2010, I had forgotten all about the book I was writing. Romance was in the air for me and I fell in love for the first time. Well, it was the first guy I said those 3 tortured words to. Writing those stories to a backseat and life continued. By March 2011, the romance came to an end in what I believed at the time to be the hardest heartbreak I had experienced at the age of 19. Don’t roll your eyes, love apparently happens at any age and pain is pain.

I was a zombie, hiding from myself and my life as a whole. I slowly went back to it and A Spell to Die For changed it’s storyline to that of twins. I set it in the lovely city of Seattle and it was amazing to myself. It was more along the lines of a young adult book. I approached publishing houses when I knew it was good enough but I got turned down. Not because my story wasn’t good enough but certain publishers were looking for South African artists that had books set in our country and have some homage paid to the various struggles before 1994. I gave up. I was done with that.

Cue the year of 2012, I discovered Fifty Shades of Grey and Fictionpress. I figured I was not going to publish my books any time soon, and so I started writing short romantic stories. Beneath Her Beautiful was born and people loved it surprisingly. I was on a high that people were actually reading my stuff and it made me feel amazing.

I started doing more research because a lot of readers said to me that they would totally buy Beneath Her Beautiful if it was on sale. That was when I discovered Amazon Kindle and Createspace. June of 2013 I published a few titles and I could officially call myself an author whether or not I was a bestseller. A whoever says that putting any crap up on Amazon and calling ourselves writers is a crime, well, I got words for you–just not here and now.

I revisited A Spell to Die For, by then my beautiful niece was born and I decided to take on her name as the main character. Atalia then became a fierce protector and the title RAGE was born with a follow up book called REVENGE.

It did amazingly, people liked it and bought it and maybe I could have just left everything as it was. But towards the end of 2015, I started having these flashes of scenes where Atalia had a different tale to tell. One that could not tie in with the other two. I briefly played around with the idea of doing a whole other paranormal book altogether, but Atalia was not having it.

2016 was the hardest damn year of my life.

I am usually this out-going, non apologetic weirdo who has no filter when it comes to who I am and how I feel. To top it all, losing one of my really good friends to death was a shocker all on its own. I had moments where people I have considered closest to me put me down in ways that had me hating myself and being unable to look in the mirror. There were times when certain people assumed they were doing it for the betterment of me, but sometimes it is best not to question someone if you have no idea what they have been through or if you have no intention of understanding why they are the way they are. People questioned the relationship I was in. People questioned my thought process. Sometimes I was told I think too much, duh, I am that way but not many people understand that.

You cannot paint everyone with the same brush. There is a reason why we are all different. But throughout the latter half of the year I was made to question every single action of mine, whether I randomly had an outburst about something that bugged me or whether sometimes I just needed a friend to hear me out. I found that I was completely and utterly alone. I had to depend on myself.

That was how the Atalia of Tainted Blood came into creation. I poured every bit of hurt, all that loneliness, all the heartbreak, all the disappointments and  doubts into every word of the book.

By the time I had it ready I was extremely happy with it. With the help of Tonya and Trisha, I was able to have it properly edited and ready for the world to receive Atalia. Unfortunately, most of the people I reached out to hadn’t had the time or inclination to read it. I tried various review blogs and posted many opportunities for people to obtain free ARCs but it seemed as if no one was truly interested in what Atalia had to offer. Couple that disappointment with another heartbreak and I was done again.

So the release moved from 1st February 2017 to 7th January 2017, I dropped the priced to $0.99 just to encourage people to buy it and step into my world. Maybe Atalia and her story will be read by a handful of people, maybe someday someone will look at this story and see everything I tried to pour into it or maybe it will be lost in the millions of books in the Paranormal Genre.

But looking back, I know that every word had it’s own story.

Thank you to those who have take the time to read it. Your support is much appreciated.

Synopsis: Welcome to Dramir, a city where the blood never stops flowing
The streets of Dramir have always been protected under the rule of the reigning King. It was all because of his not so secret weapon.
A weapon they called the assassin. A weapon with long-dark hair, savage soulless eyes and a body built for sin.
She wielded a sword as one would breathe air. She danced in blood as one would dance in rain. She laughed in the face of death as one would laugh at a bad joke.
It was believed that the day the assassin experienced emotion, the world of Dramir as they knew it would crumble under the force of her shattering heart.
How could you break the heart of someone who had long since lived without one?
How could you fight against the darkness when she forced light to do her bidding?
Most importantly how could you hide, when she came looking for you?
***NOTE: This book was previously published in 2 parts (Rage & Revenge) however, both editions are no longer published and will release as one book with a brand new story-plot.
The first chapter can be read here: http://www.authoryajnaramnath.co.za/books/tainted-blood-a-dramir-novel-2/
Buy Links:
US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01NBNAZVA
UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01NBNAZVA
CA: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B01NBNAZVA
AU: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B01NBNAZVA
Goodreads TBR: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/26057881-tainted-blood


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