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Let’s Welcome McKenna Sterling to the fictional world of Yajna Ramnath.

Here’s an excerpt and cover reveal.


“Kenna?” She frowned at me.  “I thought I was meeting Eli.”

I looked at her longer than necessary. This was what he wanted… instead of me?


I blinked. “Sorry, yeah, he’ll be here in a few. I hope you don’t mind that he asked me to come along?”

I dared her with my eyes to tell me she didn’t want me here. My palms itched to remove the pocket knife from my purse.

“No, of course, not,”  she grinned. “As long as you’re cool, I’m cool.”

I gave her a full smile and looped my arm through hers. “I’m cool. Just call me the third wheel.”



I wasn’t crazy. If I was, then it was not intentional. Eli stands outside with his hands in his charcoal grey suit pockets. His long, chiseled features are highlighted by fear.

What was going to happen next? Will Mackenna escape? Will she try to hurt us again?

He refused to look up. If he did, then he would have to accept the fact that I was behind these bars because of him.

I don’t blame him though. When people are meant for each other, one person usually finds out before the other. One must convince their partner that they’re made for each other.

Eli just needed some extra convincing. I glance to the left of him and find her standing there. She was as beautiful as she was the first time I saw her. Granted, she had a few extra scars and a knife wound, but it made her even more beautiful.

I smile as I turn away from the bars.

They think it’s over.

I laugh.

They think these bars will hold me.

I laugh harder.

Game on.





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Author: authoryajna

Yajna Ramnath is an author of various genres from contemporary romance, urban fantasy to erotic thrillers where she brings those very same imaginary friends to life. She bases her characters on different parts of her; the lover, the dreamer, the villain, the joker, the heartbroken, the insecure girl, the killer and the mentally insane. Her stories and characters walk the fine line between real life and fictional tales. Her typical day out is staying in with a book and getting lost in the power of words.

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