The Wreck of our Hearts

Synopsis: Dasher and Aria.

Two people who were broken down by life.
Two people whose default setting was self-destruction.
Two people who were betrayed by the ones they loved.
Two people who refrain from crossing the lines they know they shouldn’t.

Aria has spent the last year trying very hard to get over the guy who crushed her heart. While the world thinks that she is being dramatic, Aria cannot escape from the heartache that haunts her like a ghost.

Dasher has spent two years trying to get over the death of someone who meant the world to him. While his family thinks that it is high time he move on and stop acting out, Dasher cannot escape the emptiness he feels where the one he loved should be.

On a dark night in the middle of Brooklyn Bridge, an accident brings both these broken souls together. They form a pact to hold each other up, no judgments, no questions.

But love is a fickle beast that creeps up on even the most unsuited couples. Aria and Dasher think they have moved past the insecurities and the drama, but fate has other plans.

Aria and Dasher… 

Two people who were better off not meeting.

Or so they thought…

Goodreads TBR

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A note from Dasher to Holden

It was exciting wasn’t it? That first time you spoke to her. She was refreshing. She was different from the others.

She was not thrilled by your charms. She did not agree with your opinions. Her innuendos and humor rivaled your own. Your trust fund and career goals did not make her wet. Neither did the fact that you visited exotic countries.

She was never emotional and she did not react.

You didn’t know it at the time but you had accepted an unspoken challenge.

You see, you wanted a certain type of partner, someone who would match your ambitions. There was nothing wrong with that, you should’ve just left her alone.

She was the girl who had closed herself off from emotion. Her dark past was something that she didn’t want to face ever again.

But you wanted her, didn’t you? You unknowingly wanted to make the rock that served as a heart, beat for the first time in years.

So you integrated yourself into her life. You were the first person she spoke to in the morning and your wishes of sinful dreams were the last thing she saw before she fell asleep.

There were so many words she’d have rather left unsaid. There was so much about her past she’d rather she kept to herself.

But you couldn’t let her do that, could you? You believed you genuinely cared about her. You believed that you genuinely saw a future with her and so you told her that. You uttered those three cursed words and showed her your dreams and goals with her by your side.

She believed.

Fast forward two years and suddenly she isn't what you want anymore. The attractive girl with the heart of stone and the mouth to rival a sailor, no longer existed. She was everything a girl in love needed to be. She molded herself to your liking and she aligned her future with yours.

She held on no matter how badly you treated her.

Then you realized that you wanted what you wanted all along—the girl that matched your future. The girl you had always wanted before her.

You didn’t know how to leave her though, did you?

You tried the harshest of words and you would’ve succeeded in losing her too.

You are blindly naïve and optimistic. 

Girls like you, trying to get attention, is extremely tacky and it puts me off to be honest. 

You cannot go where I am going. 

She would’ve hurt for a little bit but she would’ve moved on, had you been honest with her.  You could’ve skipped the insults and you could’ve told her the truth. You could’ve admitted that you found someone else and that it had nothing to do with her.

She would have understood. She loved you enough to let you go.

But you followed up every insult with words of hope.

I love you enough to tell you the truth. 

If I saw you with anyone it would kill me. 

My heart is breaking. 

Maybe we should continue as we are and see where it all takes us. 

And she believed in you, because that’s what you always convinced her to do. You used pretty words and topped it with empty promises and she fell for it like a kid seeing Santa.

You flirted, as if it were normal. You texted, as if it were normal. You sent photos, as if it were normal. She believed you were back together, because you were normal.

Four months later, she gets a call from a friend, the one you never liked. She was told to log onto social media because there was something she needed to see.

It wasn’t just for her to see, but for the entire world. The same world you had hidden her existence from, now knew that you were happily in love with someone else. She read the comments of people congratulating you, and telling you how happy they were that you finally found someone.

So what was she for those three years?

All you had to do was tell her the truth. All you had to do was say that you were not feeling the relationship anymore, without empty promises or a hopeful maybe. Instead, the girl who had a heart of stone had no idea what to do when it broke.

You solidified the fact that everyone in her life is bound to leave her. You cemented the fact that every bad thing that ever happened to her was because of love. You ensured that she will always feel inadequate in the face of someone more accomplished.

You’re out there somewhere with your arms wrapped around your happily ever after, laughing genuinely and preparing for a future filled with possibilities.

She out there too, alone, never trusting and never believing. She’s putting on a fake smile and dancing with strangers.

While you have your vows and promises of forever, she leaves before she can get left.

While you will always have hope and optimism, she will always be cynical.

She doesn’t know it, but someone is out there. Someone who values everything she had offered you. Someone who would treat her the way you should’ve.

My only hope is that she recognizes it before she destroys me the way you destroyed her. My only hope is that she doesn’t break me, the way you broke her.

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